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A)Aşağıdaki cümleleri doğru şekilde tamamlayan seçenekleri işaretleyiniz.(15.3=45p)

  1. A:What             she like?                                            

B: She is honest and clever.You can trust her.

a) does                     b) do                          c)   are                     d) is


  1. A:What is your favourite ______  ?                        

               B) I like do jogging  with my daughter every morning.

               a) subject                  b) car                        c)sport                    d) team  

        3) That day was very happy for us,because He was______on the fifth of september.

               a) fond of                  b) bad at                  c) born                     d) month

         4) People should be more _______in their life to be happy and healthy.

                 a)mean                      b)selfish                  c) active                  d) shy

         5) Ali Cengiz is thin and sportman. He usually goes out and does sports.

            Altı çizili sözcüğün zıt anlamlısı seçeneklerin hangisinde verilmiştir?

                  a)Strong                     b)  plump                c)quiet                   d)handsome

         6) My best friend Havva______got blue eyes and _____ hair.

                  a) have-hazel            b)has-curly              c) have-brown     d)has-stumpy

         7) Nazlı cannot remember her student’s names easily.She is________

                   a)thoughtful               b)forgetful             c)clumsy               d)stubborn

         8) He likes doing dangerous sports. He is very_________person.

                    a)kind                          b)adventurous       c)pretty               d)polite

         9) Hüseyin___________ from İstanbul University in 2008.

                    a)graduated                 b)won                      c)began               d)entered

         10) Naim Süleymanoğlu was the best weight lifter in Turkey.He_______in 2017.

                    a)run                              b)draw                      c)drove                     d)died

          11) A ________person is never selfish and thinks about other people.

                a)social                     b)forgetful             c)thoughtful           d)happy

          12) I am interested in_______the walls.This is my hobby and i am _______at drawing pictures.

                 a)color-interested               b)coloring-good                    c)colored/bad          d)paint/fear

           13) I_________eat junk food,because it is very unhealthy for our health.

                  a)always                               b)usually                                  c)rarely                     d)never

            14) Football players wear _______on their foot and swimmers wear______to protect their eyes.

                a)shoes/swimming caps       b) ball/glasses            c)cleats/goggles                 d)shoes/helmet


                a) cycling                                   b)fencing                  c)shooting                             d)zorbing

B)Boşlukları doğru kelimelerle doldurunuz.(5.3=15p)







       Albert Einstein was a scientist.  He is__________ for his_________in physics.

He_____many______.He was very______and he died in the Usa

C) Aşağıdaki kelimelerin karşılıklarını yazınız.(20.2=40p)

Teach:                                     wavy:                               wear:                                          young:

Woman:                                  stubborn:                        arrive:                                        talented:

Punctual:                                 cheerful:                          bald:                                         well built

Dark:                                        attractive:                        outgoing:                                 helpful:

Study:                                       Ride:                                  Work:                                      chemistry: