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Blind Man’s Bluff ( Körebe )


Your friends put a piece of  cloth over your eyes.You are blindfolded now.You  mustn’t  open your eyes. Then you turn around three or four times. You try to catch one of them.When you catch one player , you may ask him / her some questions.You must guess who the person is.



Hopscotch ( Seksek )


First , draw a diagram with 8 sections on the ground.Then write numbers in the section from 1 to 8. Throw  a piece of  rock in square 1. Move the rock with one of your foot to the next  square.You may have rest in the 8th square.



Drop the Handkerchief ( Mendil Kapmaca)


First ,hold your hands and form a circle.One of you  is “it” and stands up.  “It” holds a handkerchief. He runs outside the circle.Then , he drops the handkerchief  behind  one of the players and keeps running.The other  player picks up the handkerchief and . Now the players starts to run outside  the circle run together to reach  the empty  spot.The loser becomes the next  “it”



Volleyball ( Voleybol )


It needs trainers , shorts and a ball. It is a team game.There are six players in each team. They  throw  the ball  over a net. They can touch  the ball only  three times. They may use their hands. But  they mustn’t  touch  the net. When the ball drops  on the ground , the other team wins a point.



Play Chess ( Satranç Oyunu )


It’s a bord game.Two people can  play this game. There are 32 pieces; 16 white pieces for one player  and 16 black fort he other player.  Each  player  must move one piece at a time. They may think for a while about the move.The aim of the game is to capture the other player’s King. When one of the player loses the King, the game is over.



Hide and Seek ( Saklambaç )


It’s an outdoor game.You  must  close your eyes and count to 100. Your friend goes and hides somewhere. Then , you open your eyes and try to find him / her.



Football ( Futbol )


In this game , there are two teams of 11 players.Each player  runs after a ball.They kick the ball to score a goal.They  may also touch the ball with their heads and knees. They mustn’t  use their hands to touch the ball.



Hangman ( Adam Asmaca )


Your friend  has a secret word. She / He puts dashes  according  to the number of the letters of the secret word. Try to guess the secret  letter by letter. Your friend  puts the correct letter in the correct place. When you can’t guess , your friend adds  a body part ,  head, arms , legs to complete  the hangman. When you guess  all the letters in thr word , you get a point.